If you would like to join AASHA, please complete the Membership Form send the completed Form as an e-mail attachment to info@aashaaustralia.org.au and deposit the amount into AASHA Bank account. Alternatively, hand in your completed Membership Form with the fee (cash or cheque to AASHA Australia) at one of the AASHA Social Hub Meetings.

Member ($50)

$50 annual fee and $50 per year after that.

Life Time Member ($500)

(Please note that Life Time Members have full voting rights at AASHA General Meetings.)

Honorary Members (Annual)

(By invitation to special Contributors/Supporters of AASHA Australia.)

Membership Form

When depositing membership fee, please write your name followed by the membership category in the description section (for example if your name is J. S. Gupta and you are subscribing to become a member, you will write J. S. Gupta, Member) in the description section of direct deposit.

AASHA Bank Account

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Name of Account: AASHA Australia
BSB: 062246
Account No.: 10281869